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  • 13 Ways of Looking at a Glass

    By Christopher Bronke


    Poetry has always been a passion of mine, so much so that, for the vast majority of poems I have read, I can vividly recall exactly where I was that first magical moment that each poet’s words danced across my mind and nestled subtly inside my soul. Recently, I have become more enamored with the stories created and memories recalled when engaged with craft cocktails and great wine. I have seen the poetry within these creations. Great cocktails and fine wine have a similar power as poetry; they dance across our minds and nestle in our souls, and when experienced with the elegant allure of a Julianna Glass, the poetry presents itself in the most unspeakable and unfathomable ways. 


    Inspired by the Wallace Stevens classic, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, I invite you to join me for a journey of memories old and new, an exploration of our past and a toast to our futures. I present to you Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Glass.


    Elegant etching
    Sashays its sensuality
    Over all my senses




    Faintly shimmering stars

    Quietly illuminate the subtle sparkle

    of the bubbles in their glasses

    And the beautiful brilliance in her eyes





    With a twist…

    Of fate;

    Always worth celebrating




    Hues of vivacious violet and

    Penetrating purple

    Swirl sexily in her dress

    And her glamourous glass





    Sunlight shimmering sensations 

    of serenity

    Across carefree crystals





    Icy chips saunter delicately

    Just like his pensive reflections.





    The snow steadily strolls

    Out of the sky with no

    End in sight

    The subtle pop of

    Another bottle opening




    Glasses raised high

    Clinked in unity

    As they become one





    The first kiss with

    A beautiful Bordeaux

    Reminds them both

    Of that first kiss

    So many years ago






    She likes it

    When it’s neat.

    He likes it



    They both find happiness

    In a Julianna glass





    Sun-drenched patio

    With relentlessly rolling fields

    of glorious grapes.

    Sonoma’s seductive salaciousness

    Swirls for seemingly endless hours.

    MacRostie feels like home.





    Carefully caressing

    The delightful decadence

    Of the glorious glass.

    Memories overcome his







    His thoughts subtly stir

    More passionately

    Than his wine.











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  • Keep your eyes closed and let your emotions blissfully succumb to the memories inherent in each scent you inhale, each flavor you detect, but let your fingers trace the story of the glass, gliding deliberately along the journey of etching carefully carved around the glass and now in your heart.  And when the song ends, open your eyes, take a deep breath, and embrace your story... your wine story.

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  • Red-wine-glass-marilyn-by-JuliannaGlass

    Have you ever wondered how stylish Julianna glasses are made?

    It takes passion, precision, skills and lots of love to handcraft a glass that transforms your wine tasting experience. A touch of hands and sparkle of Swarovski crystals make the magic!



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  • The Best Wine Quotes



    Wine. Vino. Vin. Wein. Bor.

    Wine is a drink from God, a pure gift of nature. Wine makes our life happier, healthier and enjoyable. Wine has been an inspiration for centuries. Writers, poets, politicians, actors, philosophers….many great people got inspired while they enjoyed sipping this holy drink. Here are the best wine quotes that we collected:




    “Making good wine is a skill. Fine wine is an art.” ~ Robert Mondavi



    wine-quotes-JuliannaGlass-if-life-had-a-flavour-it-would-be-wine  wine-quote-JuliannaGlasses-good-things-take-time-stay-patient-and-positive-everything-is-coming-together-once-it's-fermented


    “Wine makes all things possible.” ~ George R. R. Martin




    “The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best.” ~ Marty Rub  


    wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-every-empty-glass-has-a-story-to-tell  The-best-wine-quotes



    "Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." ~ Benjamin Franklin


    wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-I-have-tasted-your-body-and-I-cannot-forget-its-flavour  wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-I-can't-feel-my-face-when-I'm-with-you-but-I-love-it

    "Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance." ~ Benjamin Franklin

    wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-reading-and-wine-ing-is-dreaming-with-your-eyes-open  wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-if-you-love-wine-why-would-you-let-go


    “The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.” ~ Unknown




    “There is truth in wine, but you never see it listed in the ingredients on the label.”~ Josh Stern


    wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-life-the-gift-of-nature-love-the-gift-of-life-wine-the-gift-of-god  wine-quote-JuliannaGlass-when-holding-wine-makes-me-wonder-why-I-ever-want-to-hold-anything-else


    “Sunday is my day of rest....and by that I mean to finish the rest of my wine.” ~ Unknown




    “When life gives you lemons, sell them to buy wine.” ~ Unknown




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  • How to choose the right glassware?


    Buying glassware doesn’t seem to be a difficult thing. At least not in the beginning. But more you see and search, more you realize that there are so many different products, styles, types, decors – from low end glassware to high end designer brands. So, it made me think:

    “What should I look for when buying glassware”

     Here are 4 simple tips that I want to share with you:

    1. Decide on the type of glass you want


    Whether you need a glass for wine, martini, beer or whiskey, there is usually a specific type of glass for each drink. Especially wine glasses have many variations depending on the type of wine such as for burgundy, pinot noir, bordeaux, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon etc. And why does it matter? It matters because the special shape of a glass helps to intensify features of a drink such as smell, temperature and sparkles or foam. Only by using the right shape, our noses can capture the perfect aroma, which affects the taste of a drink. And it makes your experience more enjoyable.


    Use the right type of glass for drinks that you like and you will experience the difference! 


    2. Choose a good quality of glassware

     Good quality of glass matters for two reasons:

    •      because of brilliance and clarity; and
    •      because of durability

    Clarity of glass is especially important because it allows drinks to show their authentic color without discoloration. The best clarity is visible in crystal glass. This is because of the high reflective index which gives stemware a sparkle. Crystal glass is considered to be the most luxurious glass and is valued for its clarity, strength, transparency and brightness. Regular glass may be cheap and more durable but it doesn’t shine the same way as crystal.  


    Good quality of glassware matters. Buy only the best one!


     3. Don’t buy hazardous glassware

    One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to when buying glassware is whether it contains lead (PbO). Traditional crystal contains up to 24-30% of lead. However, many recent studies show that lead oxide can actually be released to beverages from the glassware and harm your health. Especially when acidic beverages such as wine, juice, scotch or vodka are put into the lead crystalware. 


      Lead is harmful to our health!


    The modern crystal or crystalline (from which JuliannaGlass is made of)  is very popular due to its technical characteristics and brightness. It is has high brilliance – pure clarity of glass that shows the true color of beverage and is resistant against impact, scratching, thermo shock, mechanical damage.  And most importantly, it is lead-free. Its ecological production preserves our Earth and health of glassmakers.


    Lead-free crystal has high brilliance and is resistant against scratching or thermo shock.


     4. ‘Hand-made’ makes glassware unique and more valuable

    Traditionally, glassware was mouth-blown by glassmakers who mastered the art of glassmaking. Even nowadays there is glassware that is made by this traditional method but majority of glass products on the market are machine-blown. The machine-blown technology allows for a perfect symmetry and uniform thickness. However, the uniqueness to glass can only be added by human touch. Whether it is mouth-blowing, cutting, painting or sanding ….it is that passion and art of glassmakers that make the glass ‘alive’, unique, valuable and absolutely one of a kind!! Drinking from a hand-made glass brings experience to a different level. Each glass is carefully made with love so you can enjoy it! And that is really cool, don’t you think?


       If you are looking for something special, choose the hand-made glassware!

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