• Seduced by Story: The Elegance of Julianna Glass

    Keep your eyes closed and let your emotions blissfully succumb to the memories inherent in each scent you inhale, each flavor you detect, but let your fingers trace the story of the glass, gliding deliberately along the journey of etching carefully carved around the glass and now in your heart.  And when the song ends, open your eyes, take a deep breath, and embrace your story... your wine story. View Post
  • How it's made - Wine Glasses by Julianna Glass

    Have you ever wondered how stylish Julianna glasses are made? It takes passion, precision, skills and lots of love to handcraft a glass that transforms your wine tasting experience. A touch of hands and sparkle of Swarovski crystals make the magic!     View Post
  • The Best Wine Quotes

      Wine. Vino. Vin. Wein. Bor.Wine is a drink from God, a pure gift of nature. Wine makes our life happier, healthier and enjoyable. Wine has been an inspiration for centuries. Writers, poets, politicians, actors, philosophers….many great people got inspired while they enjoyed sipping this holy... View Post