• How it's made - Wine Glasses by Julianna Glass

    Have you ever wondered how stylish Julianna glasses are made? It takes passion, precision, skills and lots of love to handcraft a glass that transforms your wine tasting experience. A touch of hands and sparkle of Swarovski crystals make the magic!     View Post
  • The Best Wine Quotes

      Wine. Vino. Vin. Wein. Bor.Wine is a drink from God, a pure gift of nature. Wine makes our life happier, healthier and enjoyable. Wine has been an inspiration for centuries. Writers, poets, politicians, actors, philosophers….many great people got inspired while they enjoyed sipping this holy... View Post
  • How to choose the right glassware?

      Buying glassware doesn’t seem to be a difficult thing. At least not in the beginning. But more you see and search, more you realize that there are so many different products, styles, types, decors – from low end glassware to high end designer brands. So, it made me think: “What should I look fo... View Post