Our Story

Hi I'm Anna. 


I'm the founder and creator

of Julianna Glass.

Let me share a little bit of

my story with you...

It's about experience...

The experience is what matters the most. Especially when it comes to wine drinking. And the glass becomes more than just a vessel to drink wine from it. 


A beautiful glass composes a symphony.... and stimulates all our senses creating an unforgettable tasting experience.


The glass shapes wine, opens its bouquet but it also makes a visual statement. Holding and touching elegant glass gives us a feeling of luxury, grace and glamour and drink tastes better.


It's about details...


Every detail of a glass design is a reflection of emotion it creates when wine is poured into a glass.  Pouring, sniffing, swirling and sipping wine is an experience that awakens many senses and take this experience to a new level.


With that in mind I created Julianna Glass brand. It’s the first North American brand that combines century old skills of glass cutting with modern glass technology, authentic designs and shiny Swarovski crystals.


It is made from high quality lead-free crystal glass that is more durable than typical lead crystal and has high brilliance.

It's about personal touch...

It takes many hours of handmade work by glass masters and a lot of love and passion to finish each individual piece of Julianna Glass. All glasses are precisely hand-cut and crystals are hand applied one-by-one to complete the designs.


Handcrafting skills were mastered over centuries and passed onto generations. It is not only a sign of quality but also a piece history cut into glass. 


Each glass is handcrafted to perfection. Each glass is a piece of artwork. 


We are proud to be the official branding partner with Swarovski



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