• Unpacking Julianna Glass

    The experience is what’s important. And it all starts with opening a box. Julianna Glass is packed in an elegant white box with silk lining of wine colour that showcases the extraordinary beauty of Julianna Glass... hand-cut designs and sparkly Swarovski crystals will take your breath away!

    Julianna Glass is a perfect gift that keeps on giving every time you pour wine into it.


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  • Drinking in the Beauty of Four Seasons

    We live surrounded by bliss and beauty, passion and poetics, and yet it can be so simple to overlook. So much like the passion personified in each season, Julianna Glass creates a beauty and elegance purposefully unique to one’s innocence and exuberance, one’s reverence and perseverance. View Post
  • 13 Ways of Looking at a Glass

      Poetry has always been a passion of mine, so much so that, for the vast majority of poems I have read, I can vividly recall exactly where I was that first magical moment that each poet’s words danced across my mind and nestled subtly inside my soul. Recently, I have become more enamored with th... View Post