How to choose the right glassware?


Buying glassware doesn’t seem to be a difficult thing. At least not in the beginning. But more you see and search, more you realize that there are so many different products, styles, types, decors – from low end glassware to high end designer brands. So, it made me think:

“What should I look for when buying glassware”

 Here are 4 simple tips that I want to share with you:

1. Decide on the type of glass you want


Whether you need a glass for wine, martini, beer or whiskey, there is usually a specific type of glass for each drink. Especially wine glasses have many variations depending on the type of wine such as for burgundy, pinot noir, bordeaux, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon etc. And why does it matter? It matters because the special shape of a glass helps to intensify features of a drink such as smell, temperature and sparkles or foam. Only by using the right shape, our noses can capture the perfect aroma, which affects the taste of a drink. And it makes your experience more enjoyable.


Use the right type of glass for drinks that you like and you will experience the difference! 


2. Choose a good quality of glassware

 Good quality of glass matters for two reasons:

  •      because of brilliance and clarity; and
  •      because of durability

Clarity of glass is especially important because it allows drinks to show their authentic color without discoloration. The best clarity is visible in crystal glass. This is because of the high reflective index which gives stemware a sparkle. Crystal glass is considered to be the most luxurious glass and is valued for its clarity, strength, transparency and brightness. Regular glass may be cheap and more durable but it doesn’t shine the same way as crystal.  


Good quality of glassware matters. Buy only the best one!


 3. Don’t buy hazardous glassware

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to when buying glassware is whether it contains lead (PbO). Traditional crystal contains up to 24-30% of lead. However, many recent studies show that lead oxide can actually be released to beverages from the glassware and harm your health. Especially when acidic beverages such as wine, juice, scotch or vodka are put into the lead crystalware. 


  Lead is harmful to our health!


The modern crystal or crystalline (from which JuliannaGlass is made of)  is very popular due to its technical characteristics and brightness. It is has high brilliance – pure clarity of glass that shows the true color of beverage and is resistant against impact, scratching, thermo shock, mechanical damage.  And most importantly, it is lead-free. Its ecological production preserves our Earth and health of glassmakers.


Lead-free crystal has high brilliance and is resistant against scratching or thermo shock.


 4. ‘Hand-made’ makes glassware unique and more valuable

Traditionally, glassware was mouth-blown by glassmakers who mastered the art of glassmaking. Even nowadays there is glassware that is made by this traditional method but majority of glass products on the market are machine-blown. The machine-blown technology allows for a perfect symmetry and uniform thickness. However, the uniqueness to glass can only be added by human touch. Whether it is mouth-blowing, cutting, painting or sanding ….it is that passion and art of glassmakers that make the glass ‘alive’, unique, valuable and absolutely one of a kind!! Drinking from a hand-made glass brings experience to a different level. Each glass is carefully made with love so you can enjoy it! And that is really cool, don’t you think?


   If you are looking for something special, choose the hand-made glassware!

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