• whisky-glasses-handcut-with-swarovski-crystals
  • whisky-glasses-handcrafted-with-swarovski-crystals

Whisky Glasses - Set of 2pc in gift box

The sparkle of cut glasses with crystals make any gathering feel extra special. Whether it's cocktails or a big party this whiskey glasses offer elegant look and a perfectly balanced silhouette of the glass. The unique luxury design combines simplicity with exceptional quality and sophistication for a versatile addition to the home bar. Designed in-house, the old-fashioned glass showcases cocktails beautifully and is just as flattering for presenting whisky, water or iced tea. Each glass is handcrafted of clear, lead-free crystal for optimal clarity and enjoyment.


Height:      3 1/2 in
Volume: 9 1/2 fl oz.


Price for a box of 2pc