About Julianna Glass

 Julianna Glass is a brand of exclusive and elegant glassware. Our glasses are made from lead free crystal glass and are hand cut by glass artists who spent many hours to master the art of glass cutting. The Swarovski crystals elevate the brilliance and add a sparkly finishing touch for luxury look and feel.


We are offering a selection of glasses for wine, champagne and barware. Our collections are uniquely designed in-house and with combination of crystals are a stylish but functional addition to any home. The fact that glasses are made in Europe, Slovakia where glassmaking and glass cutting skills were mastered over centuries and passed onto generations is not only the sign of quality but also a piece of history cut into glass.


We are very proud that Julianna Glass is the Official Branding Partner with Swarovski. 

When it comes to wine tasting, the difference between a good and amazing wine lies in a wine glass. The right and visually appealing glass can enhance the flavours of wine by increasing sensory experience that has direct impact on how we taste wine. Julianna Glass has achieved this goal with a balance of elegance and functionality backed by research and input from winemakers and industry professionals. Julianna Glass is the first north-american brand offering exclusive collections of hand cut glassware with very trendy Swarovski crystals. Produced in Europe from the highest quality lead-free crystal Julianna Glass is designed to be enjoyed every day.

We believe that wine drinking is about experience. The glass changes the way we smell and taste wine. Beautiful handmade glass takes this experience to a new level. It’s the little details that make the difference in how we taste wine and enjoy every sip of it. Because wine is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. It’s conversations over a glass of wine, dining with friends, good food and wine that connect people and are simple pleasures of life.