Abstract Bordeaux Red Wine Glasses - Set of 2 in gift box

Modern meets classy! The design of this handcrafted crystal glass is very refined and appealing, with lines that start at the crystal drops and then cross in many random directions. Two lines start and finish with a clear crystal stone and one line starts with a crystal stone. There are five crystals on a glass.

Note from a professional sommelier

It’s a fairly big glass, though not too big compared to some giant glasses you see at specialized shops. The opening of the glass is the right size, big enough to stick a nose into it, but not too open so the aromas can concentrate as the width of the glass narrows towards the opening. The aromas of our Martinborough Pinot Noir reveal with good precision in that glass. You can distinctively smell each note, none of them dominating therefore leaving the whole spectrum available to the senses. An enjoyable glass to taste with.


 Height: 10 in                           
Volume: 23 fl oz



Price for a box of 2pc 

  • $59.00