Snifter Glasses - Set of 2pc in gift box

The snifter glasses are a perfect addition to your home bar. Crafted with short stem and the curvy body of a tulip glass; the Snifter is designed to heighten the experience, taste and aroma of your choice aged spirit. In combination with superb glass clarity and a resounding tone during toasting they are a 'must have' for any party. The bulbous shape of the glass is perfect for holding it in hand and swirling brandy or cognac to release its heady aroma. The masterfully handcrafted design finished with crystals create luxury look and feel. The tapered rim is ideal for swirling and nosing whiskey, bourbon and scotch. 

Height 4 7/8 in
Volume 6.4 fl oz.


Price for a box of 2pc

  • $53.00
  • $76.00