Julianna Glass

The Drops of Joy Red Wine Glass

Let's play and enjoy! Experience the joy of playful and fun design of this diamond shape glass. It is a wider glass with narrow bottom that fills up fairly quickly without too much wine up to the wider section.

Note from a professional sommelier:

A perfect glass for spinning the wine for tasting, it forms an enjoyable wave that goes in a slow motion around the sides of the glass, like a Mexican wave of wine in a wine glass stadium. It makes the agitation process a little spectacle itself and allows to liberate a lot of aromas that concentrate in the wide section of the glass. It allows to smell the aromas more subtly. This glass is great for an aged wine, to sustain its weakened fruit aromas, and temper earthiness and spiciness that can become dominating in old Pinots.


Height: 8 3/4 in                                
Volume 20 1/4 fl oz


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