Marilyn White Wine Glass

The White Wine glasses from Marilyn collection have a closed tulip shape on a clean stem. This visually impressive design features six diagonal lines with the first one starting higher on a bowl followed by the next one starting always at a lower position. Each six lines begin with a gorgeous crystal stone. There are six crystals on a glass.

  • made from lead-free crystal glass
  • exclusive hand cut designs
  • featuring 6 Swarovski clear crystals 
  • made in Europe, Slovakia by skilled masters

Note from a professional sommelier

The shape of the glass though works very well for tasting. It’s dense, rather small and precise, great to manipulate, and concentrating flavors nicely. Great for Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, and it’s equally precise on both.


 Height: 9 in
Volume: 11.8 fl oz