Galaxy Spirals Champagne Glass

Unique champagne flutes from Galaxy Spirals collection have a long, slim shape on a clean stem. The narrower top of a tulip shaped bowl allows to retain champagne's signature bubbles longer. The design features three spirals crossing with each other at six points, creating illusion of a Galaxy with crystals as stars and set in each crossing of the spirals. There are six crystal stones on a glass.

Masterfully crafted glasses are made from the highest quality lead-free crystal in Europe accessorized with Swarovski crystals. 

The shape  of the champagne glasses is designed to carry the very best wines, allowing them additional room to breathe. This specific glass shape will guarantee you get the most from your wine.

  • perfect for any celebrations
  • made from lead-free crystal glass
  • exclusive hand cut designs
  • featuring 6 Swarovski clear crystals 
  • made in Europe, Slovakia by skilled masters


 Height: 10 1/3 in
Volume: 7 fl oz