Falling Rain Burgundy Red Wine Glass

The Falling rain Burgundy red wine glass is very pretty, and would look great on a fancy sparkly dining table. It looks shiny and refined, the crystal drops twinkling with the sunlight. The glass visually presents the wine nicely too, with a large horizontal section that reveals the color tones very well. The falling rain drops give a nice perspective, embracing the wine like petals on a flower.

  • made from lead-free crystal glass
  • exclusive hand cut designs
  • featuring 6 Swarovski clear crystals 
  • made in Europe, Slovakia by skilled masters

Note from a professional sommelier:

As a dining glass, it’ll treat your wine with respect, allowing you to taste and drink it nicely with a really positive visual impression at each sip.


Height:      7 in 
Volume: 15.5 fl oz  


  • $21.00
  • $26.00